Sitemap - 2021 - Weak signals and other trends

Technopolar, pocket forests and the wandering mind

Hierotopias, pickleball and an untact society

Joyning, barndominium and antiwork manifestos

Hyperobjects, Zettelkasten and comfort creators

Rage shakes, e-textiles and gorpcore

Wander prompts, weeklypedia and shade disparity

Resicum, snowliage and aquamation

Skyhooks, antiwork and omotenashi

Birdability, hellmaxxing and carchitecture

Unimals,key art and and rage rooms

Strav-art, bio-liquidators and Paxton clips

Mermaids, steampunk and snack apps

Whorfianism, geriatric millenials and drone inhibitors

Mesofacts, vaporwave and deeptok

Blue hyperlinks,avareh and phytomining

Solarpunk , crushable and psilocybin

Geofoam, metafabric and popish aquamarine

Afrofuturism, booktok and exurbs

Overemployment, pantelegraph,and ibuyers

Adaptive fashion, chicken nuggets and thomassons

Biscoffs, ecocide and vantablack

Ise Jingu, half-life of knowledge, and recursive islands

eVTOL, digital DNA and desinnovation

Trolleys, wing foils and omnibility

Roboboss,involution and enclaves

Nonmachinables, PET-ernity and ASMRs

De-cruiting, cremating diamonds and capex spending

DOTMLPF, appucino and zombie fires

Bladderwack, squishy, and local mesh

Mindcraft, Ampersand and hyper-colors

Yolo economy, archaic humans and lofi

Majorana fermions, polygenic scores, and chimeric contributions

Sosumi, adaptogens and missed calls

Urbanist memes,dreamcore and DeFi

Hybrid hospices,xenobots and fandoms

Brand flippers, connectomes and the doorway effect

Techno-optimists,rug pulls, and hype-biscus

Distance-less, learning of cohorts, and hearing colors

Animate materials, earth's digital twin, and eternal avatars

New math, touching the future and NFTs

Terrapy,meta-humans and the end of credit cards

Spinach cyborgs, Clubhouse and leaked smartphone data

Conlang, farcical situations and derisking digital

Trends , foresight, weak signals, disruption